My Friend Jaynee

When I was little, (around 5 years old or so) I had an imaginary friend named Jaynee. I started seeing her when we moved into our new home. Our home had a huge backyard with a privacy fence.

Me and Jaynee would play everyday in my backyard doing a bunch of things. Like, playing on my swingset or playing tag. Things like that.

Well, one day my mom called me in for dinner and then for my bath, and when we sat down at the kitchen table, she asked me who I was talking to outside (this was about a week or two after we moved in).

So I said “Jaynee” and she asked me where she lived. I said “She said she doesn’t have a home. Her’s burnt down a long time ago.” My mom just shrugged it off. The years went past, and I continued to play with Jaynee. I quit seeing her when I was around the age of 9.

Now, this is where it gets freaky. About a month or so ago I had my closest friends get together for my 15th birthday. We were all sitting in my room when my friend Clair says “Hey, I brought an ouija board with me. You guys want to play?”

So, we all got in a circle. My friend Genevive said that she would ask the questions, and my friend Lily (being the most scared) said that she would just write everything down. So, Genevive asked if there was any spirits in the room. The Curser thing moved up to yes. Next, she asked if it was a boy or girl, and what its name was. It spelled out girl, and J-a-y-n-e-e!!!

I was sooo freaked out at this point, because I remembered my imaginary friend from when I was little. So, we broke the circle, and I went to turn on the lights. Well, my light switch is right by my closet door, which has one of those mirrors on it. Something was telling me to look into it as I was walking up to the light switch. When I looked into it, I saw a little girl with a white dress, and pale skin. Her hair was long and blonde and her eyes were ringed with red (as if she had been crying). She held her hand out towards me, and then disapeared. I’ve haven’t seen her since then, but sometimes I hear something faint in the wind, calling my name….

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Written by ERRA


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